My Own Animal Farm


My animal farm is a soccer team. Whether it is the team players, the captian, or the coach they all are the same as animal farm. When their coach becomes sick, the team decides to rebel against the captian. The team is made up of a team captian, a team vice captian and the players. When they do succeed in rebelling against the captian , the vice president and the team player who ran for president and lost start to have issues. In schools now, students have cliques. On the soccer team there were also cliques so that was also a problem.


Theme 2

This theme is about how humans will split into different classes and one class will take advanatge of the other. The soccer team shows how the vice team captain has his buddies and how they take advantage of the other players on the team. After the team captain was poisened, the back up president takes his place. The vice president and his buddies threaten him and make him step down. They are later the ones in charge and always favor themsleves. When it comes to playing games they are always put in first and with the position they want. If the team players say anything their response is always ” We have a plan and if you guys screw it up then we will loose, and it will be your fault.”

The leaders make the players always feel like they won’t survive without them. This is so repeatedly common that the players actually start believing in it. Their plans and thinking makes the players start to have confidence but worry at the same time. The players are also being used to do things that the leaders wouldn’t want to do.

Theme 3

This theme is about how education is important to society. How this soccer team looks at it is how educated a person is in soccer terminology and in school. The A+ student who is good at playing soccer is most likely to be the one to trick the mids of others. The student should also be the bad boy type. The bad boy type helps him become popular with his surrondings as well which gives him more authority.

Not as intelligent people would not know how to trick the minds of others. For example, it would take smartness to convince the rest of the team that their plan would help them win. Smartness can be viewed in many different ways. Whether it is education smartness or action smartness.

Character Abstracts


The human in my version of Animal farm are team captian. The coach and the team players all don’t want him in charge and the coach suggests that they replace him with someone else.

Mr. Jones is the team captian because the team players want to replace him. He uses the team as slaves, and they never have a say in anything. The players do succeed in replacing him, but they end up with conflict within themselves.


The pigs on the soccer team are the buddies of the vice team captain. The vice team captain is Napoleon so it only makes sense that they are the pigs. They are the ones who help the vice team captain come up with ideas to trick the players.

Old Major

On the soccer team, Old Major is the coach. The coach becomes very ill and knows that he will be out for a while. He gives the soccer team advice that they take seriously. The players know that their captian will be brain washed by all the power he has when the coach is out. The coach suggests to replace the captian with the backup, but he says to do it nicely. After the coach ends up in the hospital, they begin their plan.


The vice president is Napoleon becuase her over throws the back up. Before he takes that step, he played it rough. He always disagreed with the backup. Any plan the backup had would always be opposed by the vice president. He would always say captian wouldn’t have done it that way and we will lose because of this. The vice captain gets stronger and has about half of the team as support.


The backup captain is the poor snowball in this situation. He was very smart, and he  was leading the team successfully but always had the vice captain who oppposed him. The backup followed the coach’s rules and did everything needed. This made the vice president very mad and eventhough he saw that they wre becmong successful, he wanted to be the one in power.


Squealer is one of the best friends of the vice team captain. He is the one who did most of the convincing anf talking to the players. If the situation was viewed as 100% unfair, he would use his words to change it around in his favor. He also partcipated in debate so he knew how to convince people and have proof and evidence of what he said.


Boxer and Clover represent two different players on the team. Boxer represents the vey strong good player who isn’t that bright. He knows how to play well but doesn’t really understand his surrondings. He is like Lennie from mice and men. Clover is just on of the normal players. Clover is the only girl on the team, and her and Boxer have something going on.


The dogs are actually not part of the soccer team in this situation. These are the popular kids at school who can jump kids and get away with things. The dogs are the ones who threaten the backup. They tell him that they are going to jump him and make him look like a failure if he doesn’t give in.The backup later has no choice besides to give in.


Soccer Field

The soccer field is the farmhouse becasue that is not where most of the attention is. For example, in Animal farm the farm is not as important as the farmhouse. The animals would be no where without the farmhouse and he same goes for the soccer players. They would be no where without the soccerfield, even though most events happen at school. If there is no soccer field then there would be no players. The same goes for the animals, if there was not a farmhouse there wouldn’t be any animals.

School Campus

In my version of animal farm most of the events happen in school. The posiening, convincing, and threatening happen on the campus. That is why it is the Animal farm, because many things happen on the farm. The farmhouse is important too, but the school is where the events take place.



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