My Own Animal Farm


My Animal Farm will be on the west side of St. Louis, MO. Its going to be about a man named Jorge who is trying to takeover the whole west side of St.Louis. He is planning on taking over with drugs and money. Everyone is scared of him and his workers. Police officers tried everything they could to get them to stop,but they were being attacked and killed.Three of the oldest gang members were fed up with what they were doing and decided to take matters into their own hands.Edward whom is the oldest gang member came up with the plan but sadly passed away, so that’s where Fred and Mario become leaders. Fred and Mario came up with a plan to rebel against what Jorge says. People were afraid of being hurt or killed, so they were hesitant about the rebellion. After many meetings, the people finally went along with Fred and Mario’s plan. The plan/rebellion was to stand up and not be afraid of Jorge anymore. Things were going as planned until Mario no longer agreed on what Fred was doing. They ended up going against each other. The citizens of St.Louis chose who side they wanted to be on and majority went with Fred’s plan. Mario was upset that people liked Fred’s plan better than his. Mario began to brainwash the citizens. He would make Fred look like he was a bad person,when in reality Fred was actually a good man.


Theme 2

This theme will be explored by Fred and Mario splitting up. Mario began to get people on his side saying Fred was doing them wrong and that he wasn’t a good leader. All along Mario was just going to use the people for his own good. Mario wanted to be at the top, so he was planning on taking Jorge and Fred out. He kept the people out doing protest and walks just so they wouldn’t notice he was just using them for himself and not fir their benefit. The people didn’t even notice they were being used and weren’t being paid as much. Fred tried to warn them but they didn’t listen.

Theme 4

Mario had filled their minds up with so much stuff they didn’t even remeber why they started their plan/stand up. He basically brainwashed them. The people no longer started asking why and just went with what ever Mario said. Landen changed the words around so the people wouldn’t notice they were being used. With the words being changed the people worked hard for no reason.



Mankind are the people who are being brianwashed and worked to death. They represent all the other workers besides Mario and Landen.


Is played by the law (police officers). They try their hardest to stop the palns and takeover but miserably fail. There weren’t enough officers to contiue to fihgt them.


The pigs are played by Fred, Mario, and Landen. They represent the pigs because they are the ones manipulating people and brainwashing them after Edward(Old Major) dies.

Old Major

Is played by Edward he was the oldest and wisest pig that came up withthe original plan to stand up against Jorge, but sadly he passed away right before the plan took place.


Is palyed by Mario he is the brainwasher. The one who wants to be on top and everything belong to him.


Is played by Fred who is kicked/ ran off by the other people because he realized what Napoleon was doing to the people.


Is played by Landen he is the one thats with Mario and his scheme.


Is played by dumbest workers and the strongest workers.


The dogs are played by the people who ran Fred off and Mario’s right hand men.


Animal Farm/Manor Farm

Animal Farm is a huge abandoned warehouse, but was nice on the inside. It was chose because no one will think the building was being used, so it was a good hideout.

The Farmhouse

The farmhouse is a nice building where only the wise people are aloud. It was chosen because it was huge and pretty,so thats where the smart people slept and ate.

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