Romeo and Juliet Treatment: Act 4.3 and Act 5.3


Both the Capulet and Montague families lived in an upscale, suburban neighborhood in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They were part of a community with diversity and high expectations. Their homes were large mansions on many acres of land. The closet neighbor was 2 miles from each home. Each home has great landscaping with beautiful lawns and flowers.  They took pride in how they lived.

Time Period

Time period 2014

House of Capulet

The House of Capulets’ consist of, Head Capulet, Lady Capulet, Juliet, other Capulet family members, the nurse and workers. The Capulets’ were like royalty. They owned lots of businesses and were considered  wealthy.


Juliet is the 16 year old daughter of Head and Lady Capulet. She  has fallen in love with Romeo Montague, the son of  Juliet’s family  rival. She knows their families don’t get along, however, her heart follows its own path. Her parents are trying to force her  marriage to a wealthy  man. Juliet is against this prearranged marriage, and has no interest in his money. Against everyone’s will, Juliet continues to sneak to see her one true love,  Romeo.

House of Montague

The house of Montague  consist of Head Montague, Lady Montague, Romeo, Montague family members  and their servants.  The Montagues are also wealthy. They are known for having successful businesses. The Montagues have a long rival history with the Capulets. Because of their arrogance, The Montagues envy the Capulets .


Romeo is the 16 year old son of Head and Lady Montague.  Against his families wishes, Romeo has fallen in love with Juliet.  He is not concerned with the  consequences of his actions.  Romeo believes him and Juliet should be allowed to be together, no matter their family differences.

The Play


Romeo and Juliet were two young teens who have fallen in love with one another against their families wishes. For centuries, their families had been rivals. The were forbidden to communicate with each other. Being the same age, they had  many things in  common.  Due to  the family history, it was almost impossible  for them to date. They would sneak to see one another daily.  Since their relationship was not accepted,  Romeo and Juliet decided to run away together.  

 Act 4, Scene 3

In this scene,  Juliet is being forced to marry  the wealthy Peter, chosen by her family. Juliet refused. She tells her parents she has no interest and does not love Peter.  Head Capulet becomes angry and enraged with his daughter.  To avoid the wedding, Juliet  drinks  poison that makes  her  sleep  heavily for two days. The nurse goes to check on Juliet. Because of the poison, Juliet is in a deep slumber and the nurse thinks she is dead.  After the family makes plans for a funeral, Juliet awakens and gets word to Romeo that she is waiting for him. Once Romeo is aware that Juliet is alive and well, he sends a message for her to meet him at the airport. When they arrive at the airport, they make plans to leave the country, never to return.


I don’t care what my parents say, they can’t force me to do anything.  I will not marry someone I do not love. Since they won’t listen, I will take matters into my own hands. (Drinks poison and falls into a deep sleep).


What am I going to do? In order for Juliet and I to be happy together, I  must come up with a plan to get Juliet out of here.  We can escape to another country where no one will ever find us.( makes plans to meet at airport)

Act 5 Scene 3

In this scene, Romeo and Juliet make it to airport. They plan their new life in the Bahamas where no one will be able to find them.


I know of a place that is so beautiful. No one will be able to find us there. The weather is beautiful and the people are very welcoming. We can live together happily without any one judging us.


Thank you so much Romeo. You found a way for us to spend the rest of our lives together. This place is beautiful. How did you know of this place? How are we going to survive?


I have put away a nice savings and it should be enough to take care of us for a long time. I have a friend who lives here and he is willing to help us get settled. His family has multiple properties and we can have any one we like.

After this point Romeo and Juliet lived happily ever after.


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