Romeo and Juliet – My Treatment of Scenes 3.4 and 4.3


The setting of my treatment takes place in St. Louis, MO on the north and south. St. Louis is a dangerous city to live in, but has many landmarks that can make living here fun. The people in St. Louis vary from rich to poor. Poor are mainly discovered on the north and rich on the south. There aren’t that many rich folk in St. Louis, where rich folk don’t really stay here. The middle class have jobs and manage their life earning their money to pay bills, shop, and sometimes give. Middle class live on the north or the south depending on how high their income is. This treatment will take place along with the rich and the poor.

Time Period

The time period is the present year, 2013. Technology has a very big role so teenagers now aren’t like what you imagine to be a typical teenager.

House of Capulet

The House of Capulet is one of the richest shoe corporations in St. Louis. The Capulet live in a beautiful mansion located on the south of St. Louis. The shoe corporation was called “Nike” and they had never and never will run out of business. About 12 years ago was when this corporation was founded by Carter Capulet. About 8 years ago a new corporation had arrived called “Adidas” risen by Lord Montague. Every since then the two shoe companies have been debating for the top spot in St. Louis. The Capulets believe there from their opening they have been trying to take their place when really they just thought that a new shoe company would be a good idea.


Juliet is 16 years old and is getting ready to graduate in 2014. Once she graduates from high school she wants to go to college and study anesthetics, but she wants to wait on Romeo. Her father, the CEO of Nike, wants her to pass the business down, but she doesn’t want to be the owner of a famous shoe store. She feels that skipping grades, being a 4.0 student, and the leader of many honors programs would be a waste being a shoe store owner. Juliet is very smart and she wants to be a success in life. Her parents also want her to get married at this current age, but she wants to wait until she gets out  of college.

House of Montague

The House of Montague is a shoe corporation also in St. Louis. There business hasn’t been doing well because people still want to buy Nike products. Their shoe corporation, Adidas, will always be in competition with Nike because the Capulets will always take it as a competition. Adidas is owned by Lord Montague and will next be owned by Romeo. “One day the Adidas corporation will be at the top for sure”, says Lord Montague.


Romeo is 16 and has one more year of high school. When he graduates in 2015, he wants to leave with Juliet. Juliet is taking a chance to wait on him and he finds that very sweet. Romeo doesn’t want to be the next owner of Adidas because the corporation is not successful. Romeo wants to open of his own business when he leaves college. The problem is, Romeo and his family doesn’t have enough money for Romeo to attend college. So far Romeo has 3 scholarships to three different colleges and he doesn’t know which college he want to attend.

The Play


Juliet is walking in the hallway at school and bumps into Romeo. Romeo helps her pick all of her books up, gives her the books, and quickly walks away.


Wait! Come back.

Act 3, Scene 4

Enter Capulet, Lady Capulet, and Paris

Lord Capulet

Things have been very difficult over here lately. We haven’t been able to get our daughter to accept yet. We loved her cousin so much. We’re all going to die one day and I’m scared. It’s too late and she won’t come down. Sorry Paris. If you wasn’t here I would be dead asleep.


Stuff like this will give me no time to gain love for Juliet. Nighty night Lady Capulet. I have respect for your daughter.

Lady Capulet

Thanks Paris! Tomorrow Juliet should know her decision. She is drowned in tears at the moment.

Lord Capulet

Paris, this is a great deal with Juliet. She will still be under my rules with respect. Bae, go tell Juliet how much Paris loves her. Tell her next Wednesday-What’s today?


It’s Monday.

Lord Capulet

Monday! Wednesday ain’t gone work. Let’s do Thursday. (To Lady)Tell her on Thursday she gonna be married to Paris.(To Paris)You cool with that? Due to Tybalt being killed so early, we won’t have that much of a celebration. We gone keep it at about six guest. So yeah, Thursday?


If only tomorrow was Thursday!

Lord Capulet

Alrighty then, Thursday! (To Lady) Get Juliet prepared for her wedding. (To Paris) Bye son. (To servant) Lights, bedroom, NOW! (To Paris) We been up for hellas, it’s finna be morning, have a goodnight!

Act 4, Scene 3

Enter Juliet and Nurse


Yeah, I like those clothes, but Nurse, please leave me alone tonight. I have to pray a lot, I need to be blessed. My life ain’t filled with nothing but sin.

Enter Lady Capulet

Lady Capulet

You busy? Need mama help?


No ma’am. We found the best for me to wear tomorrow at the ceremony. If you cool with it, can you just leave me alone right now? Let the Nurse hang with you tonight. I’m sure your hands are full preparing for festivities.

Lady Capulet

You probably need some sleep. Go to bed. Good Night.

Lady Capulet and the Nurse exit


Bye. Only Lord knows when we gonna meet again. I feel cold running through my veins. I need comfort. Nurse!-What good can she do? (She gets a gun from under her bed and sits it on the table beside her bed) I’m desperate right now. Imma have to help myself. (She holds the gun up to her head and hesitates to pull the trigger)





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