Romeo and Juliet – My Treatment for Scene 2.1 and 2.6


A big town in the middle of a busy and chaotic city. Mostly rich families and businesses. Name: Richville, California


Time Period

Late 90′s, U.S.

House of Capulet

The Capulets are an Italian family that belongs to a mob. They get their richness from selling drugs and a restaurant they own. Their sworn enemy is the Montague because the ancestor of the Montague stole from the Capulet family along time ago. They know still hold a grudge against each other. Juliet, Lord Capulet, Lady Capulet, Rosaline, and Tybalt are all in the house of the Capulet.

The Capulets are stuck up an think they’re better than anybody else. People are scared of them because they have most power all except the Montagues. The Montagues could care less who they have problems with.



Juliet is slim with long black hair that stops at the bottom of her back. She also has a great body figure with brown beautiful eyes.  Juliet is controlling and spoiled. She is not dumb at all she is very smart. Knowing one day she will leave her family and knowing she will find happiness with Romeo motivates Juliet.

House of Montague

These two houses do not like each other because they are both in two different Italian mobs that are in the same business. The Capulets do business across town but one thinks they are better than the other. The Montagues are always in the Capulet’s territory starting trouble.


Romeo is a dark black hair, handsome, tall, slim,young man. He has brown eyes and always harsh on people but is so sweet to Juliet. Juliet motivates him and also knowing he is going to be with her gets him going.

The Play


Outside the restaurant of the Capulets, Romeo is trying to get to Juliet.

Act 2, Scene 1


Could I possibly move on while my heart is with Juliet? How can I live without her? [leaves]

[Benvolio and Mercutio enters]


Aye cousin? Romeo where you at dude? ROMEO !


He probably went home and went to sleep.


Naahh, I seen him go this way Mercutio. I’m not an ass.


No need to worry about Romeo he can handle his own. He always out here in these streets just dreaming about the one he loves so. [Starts laughing] Romeo is all into this love thing. He is one of cupids’ victim. He is now a lover and funny boy. He a grown man, ain’t no need to be out here. I love him like a brother but lets have a little fun.  [Looks devilish] Rosaline is so beautiful and every thing about her makes me feel some type of way. I could easily have her and I would do things to that girl.


You bet’ not let Romeo hear you. You will make him so mad you wouldn’t know what to do. We all know how angry he gets.


How is me telling the truth going to anger Romeo? My argument is reasonable if she is not giving it up then I suggest he leaves her be. I’m just trynna’ help him out. Save him from heart break.


Romeo’s love for her is blind and it’s best because it’s like he loves in the dark.


If love is blind how could he love? Would he stress over love and wish his love would be the perfect girl in his eyes? Would she miss him and want him to make love to her? Let’s go find him!


We are not going to find him here. But you can go look.

Act 2, Scene 6

Romeo and the priest are in the back of the church talking about the marriage of Romeo and Juliet





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