My Procedure: Cleaning My Sneakers

I enjoy cleaning my tennis shoes. That is something I do every Friday. This is very common in my family. We all clean our shoes once a week.  When I get a new pair of shoes, I take care of them like they are children. I clean them, and put them right back in the box that they came in. Cleaning shoes is important to anybody who is a Sneaker Head. A  Sneaker Head is a person who loves tennis shoes. My family has a lot of Sneaker Heads.

I think everyone who owns a pair of sneakers should clean them once a week. Cleaning them once a week keeps them nice and clean. So every time you wear them, they look like they just came out of the box.  Cleaning sneakers once a week is really a must when you own a pair of all white shoes. White sneakers get dirty really fast, so you should clean them every time you take them off.

Materials Needed


Hot Water







Use a cloth


Use a cloth to wipe off the dirt

Wash the cloth with a normal amount of soap. Rub the soap all over the white party of the shoes.

Use a toothbrush

Brush the shoes with a old toothbrush. The toothbrust should have soap hot water and bleach on it. This gets rid of all of the dirt that the cloth missed.


Brush the soap, bleach, and water on the shoe


Use a new towel

Use a new towel to wipe off the soap, water, and bleach from the shoes. This will have the shoes looking like they just came out of the box.


Wipe the shoe off


Finished Product

The shoes will look exactly how they looked when you go them. Clean, shining, and white.

Finished Product

Finished Product


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