Romeo and Juliet – My Treatment of Scenes 2.1 and 2.6


The setting for my story takes place in Albany, Australia. Albany can be found 409 kms Southeast of Perth on the South Coast of Western Australia Albany does not have a lot of people in its population. The city gets a lot of business so a lot of their working citizens are money hungry. Since, the city is so huge and has big population everybody knows everybody strangely.


This time period is the early 2000′s around fall.


The Capulet’s are the owners of a restaurant called Krust Krab . They have owned Krust Krab for several years now, it’s a family business. The Krusty Krab is a very successful business they serve krabby patties and crab fries. However, they are not just any old regular burgers and fries joint they have a secret formula that makes their food tasty and healthy. This formula has been protected my Ms. Capulet and Mr. Capulet since they’ve inherited the restaurant. The Capulet’s are rivals with the Chum Bucket because there are always trying to steal their secret formula.


Juliet is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Capulet. She’s a good daughter for the most part she loves her family, helps out with the business, takes care of other when they’re sick, and she even does community for no reason. Juliet is currently in college and she’s wants to study the human body, and become a scientist, but her parents want her to stay and inherit the restaurant.


The montages have a reputation, and it’s not a good one. They are known for being thieves and liars. They own a restaurant called the Chum Bucket. This place is horrible the food and service sucks, so in order for their business to become successful they must steal the krabby patty formula, but they have failed each time. Mr. Montages and Ms. Montague have a son name Romeo who is the exact opposite of them, and they hate it.


Romeo is your average teen boy. He doesn’t tend to get in a lot of trouble, he makes good grades, and he actually cares about people’s feelings. He plans on going to college as well, but doesn’t know what he wants to major in. Romeo likes the finer things life. He’s such an outcast at school and at home, his cousins always make front of him, but he doesn’t care because he knows one day hell find something worth living for and dying.



 After the party at Krusty Krabs Romeo insists he’s fallen in love with Juliet so he runs off to find her. 


[Outside the Capulet resturaunt same night. ROMEO]


Was that satisfying enough? or should i go back for more!



Romeo! Mate where are you Romeo mate!


He’s smarting to be hiding, he knows he skipping his curfew right about now.


The little mate probably ran this way, and hoped over the trees.


Romeo mate your crazy! You feel in love with a witch! Women aren’t anything but some lying stinking skeezers! You lust for her mate! You can’t even take after the family business what make you think you can handle her? Romeo mate I know you hear me! Remember love gets you killed mate.


Great! Now I’m pissed, just know when you come home I’m angry at you bastard!


We shouldn’t even be angry at the little mate. For gods sake he’s whipped! The mate got himself tangled up with a lady friend.


Oh yea? Well I dont care. I hope he knows that they’ll take all of his money and leave them as soon as they get the chance. They never really love you mate. Hey Romeo LOVE DOSEN’T EXIST MATE! IM LEAVING.


Maybe you’re right, come on I’m not looking for someones who’s not lost or doesn’t want to be found.

[They exit]


[Church, afternoon. FRIAR & ROMEO]


Good Afternoon mate! , Hopefully today is filled with tears of joy and not sorrow righty I am?


YES YES YES! Righty you are. How could today even seem sorrow with just one  look her eyes the world smiles! She gives me life matey


AWWWW yes , but be careful you know you aren’t supposed to be with the lady. You could bring your family  to a calm conclusion or a even more terrible reaction.

[JULIET enters]

Oh! look there’s ya lady right there mate.


Good evening my mate


Romeo show thanks for both of us, wouldn’t want to kiss your lady

[Romeo kisses her]


Oh please , the pleasure is all mine

[kisses Romeo back]


Aww baby! Our love could never die! Nor could it be measure in daylight, or sunshine or cups of coffee! You name it baby


You just have  a way with words don’t you? You sure know how to sweep a gal of her feet.


OH! You two c’mon quickly the sooner the better mates! You ma


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