Romeo and Juliet – My Treatment of Scenes 4.3 and 2.2


This wonderful story takes place in New Orleans, Louisiana, near the Bayou, where cat fishing and partying is where its at. People from everywhere has fun and parties every single night

Time Period:

The time period of this story is the summer time 1985.

House of Capulet:

The House of Capulet’s are a very rich family. They live in Esplanade Avenue where everyone and I mean everyone is well-known and rich with   elegant townhouses and Creole mansions.  They own a famous Jumbo and soul food Franchise, the ancestors of the Capulet’s are known for their “voodoo” and black magic and which doctors. They aren’t used for evil but the Montague’s think they are, but they are in competion with the Montague’s because they own a similar franchise.


Juliet is a 17 year old young woman. She is Haitian Creole and she wants to be a dancer and attend UCLA. Her parents on the other hand want her to be in the family business and pass it down the generation.

House of the Montague:

The House of the Montague is a some what rich group of individuals that are friendly and well-known. They feed the homeless and don’t only care about themselves. They live on Frenchmen Street. Which is known for famous jazz music and celebrations.


Romeo is a 17 Afro-Hispanic young man. He enjoys playing basketball, partying with his homeboys and loves just having fun. His desires are to be a football player but his family has other ideas for him.


Two sets of families from New Orleans, Louisiana have simliar qualities of royalty. They have there moments where they dont agree which ends up with fighting. Sooner or later the two love birds will end up killing themselves over love because of hate and rivalry



 Act 2, Scene 2


He talks about me about the pains he never felt.

(Juliet enters at window)

But hold on for a minute, what is that light that

Shines through the window?

It’s the east and Juliet’s the sun.

Get up beautiful sun and destroy the jealous moon,

Who is already ill and pale with sadness

Her virgin’s uniform is but pale and green.

And none but harlequins do wear it.

Take them off.

It’s my girl. Man, it is my love.

But only if she knew she was

She speaks, but she is speechless.

Her eyes talk to me; I will answer it

I am too daring. It is not to me she speaks.

Two of the most decent stars in all the heaven,

Having some business, have begged her eyes.

Two twinkle in their territory until they come back.

What if her eyes weren’t there, they were in her head?

The brightness of her cheek would outshine them stars,

As day time her a lamp. Her eyes in heaven

Would the sky shine so bright?

That those birds would sing and think its not night.

You see how she leans her hand against her cheek!

Man I wish I was a fitted glove on that hand.

That I will touch that cheek!



Ohh my…



she talks.

Please speak again, beautiful girl, for you are so pretty tonight

Being above my head.

As if you were an angel from heaven.

Upon the wonderful wondering eyes.

Of humans that fall back to look at him.

When he chills on the lazy puffing clouds.

And sails on the air.




Reprize Romeo, Reprize (Darn)

Sa ou non, sa gen pou li Romeo? (Why does your name have to be Romeo?)

Refrize papa m’ ak refize non m (Deny my father and refuse my name)

            Or if not just swear to be my lanmou (Love)

            And I won’t be a Capulet no more.



Should I hear more, or respond to what you said?



But only my name is the enemy.

You would still be Romeo if you weren’t a Montague.

What is a Mon-tague?

Not a hand, or foot, or arm, or face, or any other part.

Belonging to a man, be same other name!

What is a name actually?

What we call a Flower.

Being another name would be so sweet, ya know?

So Romeo would, where he not Romeo called,

Retain that deer perfection which he owns

Without that name Romeo Debrarase li de ki rele konsa! (Get rid of that name!)

And in exchange for, that name which is no part of this

Take all of mwen (Me)



(to her) I will take your word

Call me but lanmou as you call it (love)

And I’ll be re-baptized with a new name

Then from now on, I won’t be known as Romeo.



what man is hidden at night?

So eavesdropping on my secrets?



by a name…

I know how to tell someone who I am

My name is hateful to myself.

Because it’s an enemy to them.

If I had written, I would tear up this world.



My ears haven’t been filled with a hundred words

Of Montague’s uttering, but I know the sound

Aren’t you Romeo? A Montague?



Neither girl, If I either I hate.



why did you come here and what you want?

The gates are so high and hard to even climb.

And the place death. Considering who you are

If any of my family members see you here.


With my love and desire for you I flew over the fence.

For bob wires and security cannot keep me away,

And love does what it wants

Therefore you family will not stop me, just being honest.



if they do see you then they will kill you!



Girl… there lies are more danger to there eyes.




Boy don’t talk about the moon, the ever-changing moon

Unless you prove your love to me


What should I say?



Don’t say anything at all

But if you do by your gracious self

Which is the god of my devotion

Then I will believe you


But its my heart sweety that—


Didnt i tell you to not talk boy! But… i do like seeing your handsome face

I dont have see whats so great about these vows thou…

They seem kinda sudden and demanding Ya know?

Anywayzz… i have something to do in the am soo

Bon nwit!  ( Good night)

And  because you say you love me all the time and how i remind you of a damn star, i will see you next week by the bayou… got it?

Bon nwit!   Bon nwit!  Sleep tight..and dont let the crocs bite…



Ayye!! before you go.. why do you me deja insatisfecho? (smirks)


(Turns to him and gives him a blank harsh stare)

Sweetie…. Ki kalite pwouve satisfaksyon eske ou ap pran sou? (What type of satisfaction are you talking about?) ( irritated with an attitude)



I just wanted you to say I love you girl… damn why you gotta be so mean…


awe…honey i was about to say cause…nevermind and plus I said it before you even asked… you weren’t even listening so I take it back now (crosses her arms)


noo.. wait why do you take it back?


whatever Romeo…(sighs) ok… not to be too mean tonight but… I love you more than all the jumbo my folks make and sell… I love you like peanut butter loves shrimp loves the sea..ok?


(inside, calls for Juliet)

Juliet: ugh! there goes the pain in the butt calling me from downstairs… but.. bay-bay (goodbye)

(to her) Nan yon dezyèm enfimyè!  ( in a second! Nurse!)

(to him) Montague…the only nice one be true…

but wait.. dont leave just yet, i”ll be right back (goes in)


This was a wonderful night for me.. but i’m kinda scared,

being here at night and stuff, but it seems like a dream

It seems soo nice to be real.


(comes back out)

I heard every word you just said and if they are true and if that is how you feel how about we get married..

tell me tomorra…and page me when you have a plan and then i will be there.

tell me where, what time..and when will this wedding be..

and i will follow you as being your wife everywhere we go.


(inside)  Madanm!   (Madam!)


( to her)  M ap vini! M ap vini!       (Im coming im coming!! )

(to him) But if you really don’t mean what you said

Then i will beg you boy.


(to her) Madam!!


(to her) I’m coming!

(to him) To leave me alone to cry

Tomorra i will tell my friend


Strive on my loving soul


ugh! Bon nwi! Buenos noches! Goodnight! (goes in)


Girl.. you can say good night in so many ways but i won’t beable to see without you.

Love is like the love that Louisanan’s love their gombo.


( comes out again)

Hush up boy before you wake up my folks.. my father is real strict when it comes down to yall Montagues. So lower your voice


It is my soul that calls my name

how loving your voice sounds.. its so soft and gentle




yes beautiful


should i send my little friend….


at around 9:00


I was about to say something.. but I forgot..


Then i will just spend the night until you remember


Ehh no.. it doesn’t slide like that so go home..

Even though I love you being my company you need to leave

So Bon nwi, Good night! Leaving you is a sad time

And that was my last Bon nwi until its Tomorrow  (leaves)


Sleep tight my girl, make sure you dream good things like me

So now i will leave and go to my Friar’s place and ask for his assistance.


Act 4, Scene 3


Honey those clothes are so devine, but becareful Nurse.

Just make sure that you just let me be tonight… I want to be alone in private. I need to think about some thangs maybe prays alil Ya Know?

Lady Capulet:

(enters) Do you need any help?


Momma pa nou gen tout bagay tout sipoze paske denmen se konsa ka ou souple jis kite m’ allone e pa deranje m mèsi anpil. Tou pou pi si stsays enfimyè a avè ou aswè a depi lè ou gen anpil thangs ‘enpòtan ke pou yo fè lè.  

( No momma we have everything all figured out for tomorrow so can you please  just leave me allone and not bother me thank you very much. Also make sure the Nurse stsays up with you tonight since you have many “important” thangs to handle.)

Lady Capulet:

Bon nwit, go to bed because you need your sleep. (they exit)


Bye. God please help me… until i see this boy again.

Im so nervous and I have a sharp pain of fear in my body.

That almost kills me inside. What should I do?

Let me call them back in here to comfort me… Nurse!

What should I do! What if we don’t match together?

What if this doesn’t work out? Ugh! should we even get married then?

No, I can’t do this ( tosses the knife on the bed)

What if this poison that Frair has given me doesn’t work?

I know I can be a good wife, but I don’t believe that things will work out.

Everything is so scary and new to me and I can not do this anymore

But wait, i think I see my cousin’s spirit, that Romeo killed.

Romeo wait! Tybalt please stay! and to this I will then drink this. (she takes the poison and falls to the ground)



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