Romeo and Juliet – My Treatment of Scenes 2.1 and 5.2


In a small countryside in Texas where the majority of the people are in the farming business .Racism was pretty much gone but some older people held on to it.


This story takes place near the end of the 20th century around 1990′s.


The house of Capulet was of Mexican decent they came from Merida, Mexico. Father Capulet had gone through racism before when trying to come from Mexico to Texas. It took him 2 years to finally get to Texas and he was happy to finally open up a search for more oil.


Juliet is a 15 year old Mexican girl getting ready to have her quinceanera. She doesn’t want to have it because she know that her mom is going to try and get her to talk to Paris.


The house of Montague is a successful  family of farmers who haven’t had to work since there grandfather found an oil build up in there field and became millionaires. They are a white family and they are not to happy of the amount of minority moving in.


Romeo is a rich kid who has not had to do anything, and anything he wants he gets.

 The Play


 Romeo now loves again even though he is know as the foe from his lovers household.

Act 2, Scene 1

Same night outside of the Capulet’s house 


Can I go away while my heart is still here? I must go to where my heart is.

Romeo leaves and Benvolio and Mercutio enter


My cousin. Romeo! Romeo! Romeo!


I will make him like I was calling a spirit. Romeo, lover, passion, madman. Show yourself in a way of sadness! Say one thing and I will be happy. Just yell “Ah me!” Just say one good a word. Romeo does not hear me, he doesn’t move he is dead, but  I must make him appear. I call you by Rosaline’s  perfection to appear in your true form.


If Romeo hears what you say he will become angry.


He can’t be angry I am doing nothing. He could be angry if  I were to say she should sleep with him, but all I am saying is true and I am trying to do is lure him out of darkness by saying the name of the woman he loves


Come on he is hiding to keep the nights company. His love is not seen so it should stay in the dark.


The target can not be hit if love is blind. He will now sit under a medlar tree and wish is girl was one of the fruits. Romeo I wish she was an open arse and you a pear. Goodnight Romeo this field is too cold to sleep on. Should we go?


Lets go if he doesn’t want to be found no point in looking.

Act 5, Scene 2


Friar John

Oh my Franciscan Friar! Bro, hey!

Enter Friar Lawrence 

Friar Lawrence

That sound like Friar John, Welcome back. What did Romeo? Or if he wrote a letter, give me it.

Friar John

I went to find another Friar to company me on the journey, but when I got there they suspected me sick and locked me up to where I couldn’t get to Mantua.

Friar Lawrence

Then who gave the letter to Romeo?

Friar John

I couldn’t get it to him and couldn’t send it back.

Hands Friar Lawrence the letter.

Friar Lawrence

Oh no! This letter was more important then a greeting. Go get me a crowbar and bring it back to my cell.

Friar John

Alright, I will go and get it.

Friar John leaves

Friar Lawrence

Now I have to go to where Juliet is, she will be mad but I will send out a note to Mantua and keep her in my cell until Romeo shows up. That poor girl she is stuck in a dead man’s tomb.

Friar Lawrence leaves


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