My Procedure: Performing Wu’du

Since we pray at school, many people have questions about how we pray and why. Before we even  begin praying though, we must have wu’du. Wu’du is the simple process of washing yourself to be able to pray. The times for prayer are moment in our day where we get to refocus ourselves and relax. With the day being so hectic with school work, responsibilities, daily life can be chaotic and overwhelming. One of the 5 prayers is fajr which occurs at dawn so we wake up early in the morning and doing wu’du wakes me up for the day and makes me feel less groggy. Wudu is important because prayer is an important obligatory act for many Muslims and having wu’du means we are prepared for prayer.

There is no certain number of times that we must perform wu’du thought the day. Wu’du is a prerequisite for prayer that can be done whenever one chooses and can stay in a state of wu’du as long as they don’t break it (sleeping, passing gas, etc.).  Many times when I’m performing wu’du at school people ask me what I’m doing so without further ado, this is how you perform Wudu.



Clean water (That’s it!)





Wash your hands


The first step is to wash your hands with water.


You rinse your hands as you would normally. You do this 3 times.


Rinse your mouth


Next up, you take water, rinse your mouth, and spit it out just like when you brush your teeth.


You do this 3 times and move onto the next step.



Washing your face


You place both of your hands in the water and then wash your face.




You do this 1 or 3 times covering everywhere from your hair line to the sides of your face.


Rinse your Arms


Now you put a bit of water on your hands and rinse your arms from your elbow to wrist 3 times starting with the right arm then the left.





Wiping your head


You put your fingers under the water then go over your head and back then going over your ears.




Washing your feet

The final step is to rinse you feet by running your hand from your ankle to your toes 3 times starting with the right foot followed by the left foot.




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