My Procedure: Drawing a Rabbit

Since I was little , people said I was talented especially in drawing ,but I never care much. So , when I got older I stop drawing mostly . The only time I would draw is in class when the lesson the teacher taught bored me. Now, I draw more because of the pressure of my mother and some of my friends.

I remember when I started drawing again I drew a rabbit . Ever since, I started to draw rabbit crazy. It was about 5 drawings of rabbits a day. As I drew rabbits It made me happier . Rabbits gives you a happy  feeling because mainly rabbits are cute and adorable. I believed rabbits are the easiest thing to draw. In procedure you will learn how to draw a rabbit like I did.


Pencil sharpener


Start by sketching out a circle for his head, and then some facial guidelines. You will then draw the long dropping lines for the ears, and then draw out the torso part of his body.

The Beginning of Fun

The Beginning of Fun

Now you can begin drawing out the shapes of the ears, the face , and head. Once that is done, be sure to include some fur fuzz on the top of his head.

What Cute Ears you Have!

What Cute Ears you Have!

Next, draw out the marking lines on the fur of his face, and then draw out the oval shapes of his eyes. Thicken the shaping of his body, and then draw out the shapes of his big rabbit feet, and arms.

Almost there......

Almost there……


Draw out the eyeballs, and then draw in the small shaped nose, and then his mouth. Lastly, draw the marking lines on his belly, and then on the soles of his feet. The shapes on his feet is actually foot padding. Erase the lines and shapes that you drew in step one. If you want to add shade, color and detail.


Lastly, smile you drew a peace of happiness!

Lastly, smile you drew a peace of happiness!


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