Romeo and Juliet – My Treatment of Scenes 2.6 and 3.4


In the world of people who spend hours re-blogging, and scrolling along on Tumblr, comparing “ships” together. Of course, there was an argument every once and while, but it usually didn’t last long, but one seemed to go on for eternity. Which was better? Jalex or Kellic? What’s the best “bromance”.

Time Period


House of Capulet

The people of the Capulet were strong “Jalex” believers. See, “Jalex” is a “shipping” of two best friends Jack and Alex, people “ship” them as a bromance.  They had many supporters along with them. They were highly powerful. Many of them were feared, but everyone mistaken them as horrid mean people. Actually, they were nice people, just got out of control sometimes.


Juliet or head leader of the Jalex shippers was a very kind girl, she wasn’t exactly graceful. She was clumsy, wore big red hipster glasses, skinny jeans and band t-shirts with a jacket all the time. She had beautiful black hair that was mid way down her back.  She is the daughter of Lord and Lady Capulet who were the “fenders” for Jalex. They provided money for everything little thing she needed to make sure she had the blog.

House of Montague

The house of Montague were strong “Kellic” believers, “Kellic” was two best friends Kellin and Vic, they thought they were the best. Everyone knew they were the nice ones, upfront anyway. But, like everyone else they had their moments were the could be a little mean. Kellic wasn’t as high up as Jalex. But, they were just as important.


Romeo was of course, the leaders of “Kellic”. It was basically his life. He dressed similar to Juliet, skinny jeans, band tees and a jacket. But, no glasses. He had shortish blonde hair.   And of course , he was the son of Lord and Lady Montague. His parents supported everything the “Kellic” shippers did, no matter what. Which was amazing for all the workers within the small community.

The Play


Bryan Stars, a famous Youtube interviewer,  sits at home in front of his webcam.

Bryan Stars

Two very huge fan bases on Tumblr, “Kellic” and “Jalex”. Both similar, in the amazing world of the internet, is where this magically story of two long-time rivalries, but soon to be harmony. When the two teens drift away from the family path of being people that hated each other, to be secret lovers. Will the teens leave the fandoms and choose their own fate. While the rivalry lives on, will the teens?

Act 2, Scene 6

Romeo enters Tumblr headquarters


May the sun smile upon this act, and sorrow will not come later.


Yes! Yes! But whatever sorrow comes it cannot compete with the joy that gives me joy in the small minute I see her. If you just join our hands with wise words, then I will do whatever I want and need to for her love. Its more than enough for me to call her mine.


Violent delights have violent ends and at their peak they die, like gunpowder and fire. Which, as they kiss, used are they. The sweetest sweets, can make you sick  in its own deliciousness, so therefore love moderately; that’s how the love will last. Too swift makes you late as those too slow.

[Juliet enters]

Here comes the fair lady now, such a light foot she has will never wear out the everlasting path. A lover may walk on old, gross spider-webs


Good afternoon to my ghostly confessor


Romeo will thank you for the both of us, darling.

[Romeo kisses her] 


thanks to the both of you as well

[kisses Romeo back] 


Oh, Juliet, if the scale of joy, be great like mine, and that thy skill be more. To describe it, then sweeten my breath. This nearby air, and let its wonderful music of your words reveal the unsaid happiness that we both share by this amazing meeting my love.


Imagination more important in reality than in your spoken words. Brags of his substance, not ornament. They are  beggars that can count their wealth


Come with me now and we will work quickly. For, beg your pardons, you cannot stay alone at this time. Until you guys get married.

[they exit]

Act 3, Scene 4

[Capulet house. LORD & LADY CAPULET, PARIS]


Things have fallen apart, sir, so unfortunately. We didn’t have time to convince our dear daughter. Look you, she loved Tybalt very, very, dearly, so did I. But we were born to die. This is very late, she cannot come down from her room tonight, I promise you, if not for your company. I would have been in bed an hour ago.


These times of woe allow no time to woo. Madam, give my regards to Juliet.

Lady Capulet

I will, and I’ll know what she thinks tomorrow morning. Tonight, she is too caught up in her sorrow,


Paris, sir, I make an extreme offer of my daughters love. I think she will be ruled. All respect by me. No more I don’t doubt it. Dear wife, go to Juliet before you go to bed. Tell her about my now son-in-law’s love. and bid her, make sure you are listening, on the next Wednesday, but wait what is today?


It is Monday, sir.


Monday! okay. Wednesday is too soon I believe. Thursday, it can happen

[to her]

Thursday, tell her. She will be married to the great Paris!

[to him]

Will you be ready?  Are you okay with how fast this is? We won’t make a big affair. We will only have half of dozen friends. What  do you say to Thursday?


My lord, I wish that Thursday could be tomrrow!


Well, get gone now. Thursday it will be!

[to her]

Go to juliet before you go to bed. Make her ready to be a wife on Thrursday!

[to him]

farewell my lord.

[to servant]

Light the way to my bedroom! go!

[to him]

its very late, its time to call it a night and go out serpreate ways sir!

[they exit]
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