My Romeo and Juliet- My Treatment of Scenes 2.2 and 2.5


My setting is in  Brooklyn, New York between Staten Island and Queens. Brooklyn is divided into 4 parts: Westside, Eastside, Northside, and Southside. My Setting is set between the South and Northside.

Time Period

The late 1980′s.

House of Capulets

The Capulets are the Mob Family from the Northside. The sell and do drugs, rob people, drive and steal nice fancy cars. Brooklyn really doesn’t like the Capulets. The Caputlets dislike the Montagues because they steal their cars, customers, and money.


Juliet is a 15 year old young lady. She is the daughter of Lord Capulet. Her father runs the Mob from the Northside. She will most likey take over the Mob business. She wants to be a free young lady, but her father is thinking different. She is falling in love with Romeo, the son of Lord Montague

House of Montague

The Motagues are the Mob Family from the Southside. The also sell and do drugs, rob people, drive and steal cars. No one likes them eithers. The Montagues dislike the Capulets because they steal from them.


Romeo is a 16 year old young man. He is the son of Lord Montague and Lady Montague. They are really protective of their son. He wantes to be a wild young man, but his parents arn’t having it. All the girls love him, but he finds a young lady by the name of Juliet and starts falling in love with her.

The Play


Two Mob Families from North and South Brooklyn dislike each other, but their children are quickly falling in love with each other and don’t care what anyone else says or thinks.

The Two Maids

The two maids are These two families need to stop the madness and just get along. They are to old to be beefing. Little do the Capulets know, Juliet is falling in love with Romeo, the son of their enemy.

Act 2, Scene 2

Romeo is outside of Juliet’s balcony talking to her, trying not to be seen by any of the Capulets Mob.


Juliet, O Juliet, I love you very much. Nothing will tear us apart, not even our beefing families.


Romeo, I love you more, but we can’t keep sneaking around like this. What if we get caught? Then What?


I’m pretty sure we won’t get caught. If we do, I’ll just have to face your father and the Capulet Mob.


Well, I’m trusting you Romeo. Don’t let me down.


I won’t, I love you too much to let you down. Well, Juliet I have to go now. My father and the Montagues are probably looking for me. I will talk to you tomorrow.

Act 2, Scene 5

[Capulet House. JULIET]


Where is Romeo?


I don’t know, I haven’t seen or heard from him.


Oh No! I’m worried. Do you think the Mobs have captured him and killed him because he was a Montague sneaking up here?


No, because if that would have happend, you father would have been up here going off and acting a fool.


Well, you have a point. I’ll just hope fore the best and hope that he comes up here with no issues.


Yeah, everything will be okay. I have to go now. I’ll see you in a bit.










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