My Procedure: Doing My Hair

I love doing my hair and also others. I play in many people hair and people also ask me to do hair. I learned how to do hair from my mother. She has been doing hair since she was younger than my age. Doing hair has been passed throughout my generation. My great, great, great grandmother used to be the owner of a beauty salon when she was around 22. She then passed the beauty salon to her daughter.

Her daughter had no daughters to pass the beauty salon to so my grandmother took it into her hands again after her daughter died. In 1979 the beauty salon was burned down and my grandmother was highly upset, but when her son’s, son had a daughter ( my mom ) she suggested to herself that she would make it a family, female tradition. My grandmother is still alive today at the age of 94 and is now unable to do hair anymore due to her arthritis. I do hair to make her proud and for my joy and happiness knowing that she’s proud of me.


Flat Irons

Smooth Shine






Hair Spray

Dry Towel

Rake Comb



Get Your Tools Ready!

To get started you need to have all your tools ready or at least know where they are. It doesn’t matter if they aren’t in the same place or not.


I’m prepared and ready !

Once I have my supplies/tools prepared I do my first step which is…

Wash Your Hair


Goodbye old chemicals.

Remove all the nasty old chemicals you have in your head by washing your hair so it can be nice and clean. Let it dry and keep it fresh !

Grease Your Hair


Grease your hair because once you get a dry scalp, say goodbye to your hair and hello to that dandruff.

Oil Your Hair


Get a shine with “Smooth Shine”

Then I oil my hair using “Smooth Shine and oil sheen. Once you start the flat ironing process you will notice the shine immediately.

Flat Ironing


Don’t burn yourself!

I start to flat iron my hair from the back to the front. When my hair is flat ironed and ready I…

Comb and Style


 In the back I use a “rake comb” to feather it. I also use my fingers to feather it , but mostly to layer it.

You’re Finished!


Take a look in the mirror.


Show Off Your Do

We’ve completed doing your hair! I know you want to go show it off.

Try going to the mall and let all them females ask, “Who did your hair?” or “How much did you pay?” and you respond with, “Me, myself, and I.” To get a great hairstyle you dont always have to pay $60-$80 for it. You just need the right supplies in order to stay flawless and beautiful.

Take some selfies and share them with your social networks. Im sure your followers stay up to date on you and and your life so why not show them what a great job you did on that hair of yours. To all of the young ladies keep your hair nice looking and stay beautiful. Peace!






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