My Procedure:Sugar Skulls

I love baking. Its a family tradition. I enjoy everything about it. The ending parts are the best. I think doing the procedure with someone is fun.  Baking is important to my family. It is important because baking earns us more money. It will be very important to my social life when I get older because it will be my way to get a few extra dollars.

I have been baking since I could walk… literally. My family has a baking/cooking business, which is named after my grandma. She says when she is done with the business it’s all mine. It would have been to my aunt but she didn’t choose the baking/cooking as her job. I am the main one that works with my grandma. Other family members help from time to time when we have big jobs to do.

Baking is a relaxing project for me. I sometimes do things on my own. The fun thing about baking is learning and experiencing different things  with the food. I am the best baker in my house. Yes, I said the best. I’m only because I practice more than the others. I take baking seriously because it has and always will be a part of my life.

All the ingredients before procedure is started.

All the ingredients before procedure is started.


Mixing bowl


Measuring Cup


2 1/2 Cups of Powder Sugar

1 teaspoon  of corn syrup

1 teaspoon of vanilla

2 small egg whites

1/2 cup of cornstarch

food coloring

colored icing

fine paint brush

candy sticks


Mix ingredients into bowl

Pour egg whites, vanilla, and corn syrup in the sugar. Mix them together until it's a thick pasty ball.

Before and after the ingredients were mixed.

Use the mixing bowl to put your ingredients in. Use the measuring cup to separate the egg whites,vanilla, and corn syrup. The sifter is used to sift the powdered sugar to make sure there are no chunks in the sugar. Pour egg whites, vanilla,and corn syrup in the powdered sugar. Mix them together until it’s in a dough ball.

Put mixture into the skull shaped molds

Pushing the mix into the molds so they stick to the whole mold.

placing dough in the molds.

Oil the molds so the dough won’t stick inside, not to oily but enough for them to pop out easily. Make sure the dough touches every part of the face so you won’t have bubbles.


Let dough dry inside the mold.

Let dough dry inside the mold.



After they are dry remove them from the mold and begin to color them with the food coloring, icing, and sprinkles.  Not too much food coloring it will taste weird.

The before and after the molds were colored.

The Skulls before and after they were colored.

Lastly you let them sit out for about and hour to dry all the way. You can decorate them as they dry so the icing will dry with skull. You use the paint brush to paint the food coloring and icicng on the skull.  Lastly, put them in the refrigerator overnight so they won’t melt.  U

That’s how you make sugar skulls. They are very, very sweet!

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