Pictures of My Grandpa

My Grandpa is a really great man. He is great at music and gardening. He is very wise and enjoys sharing his extensive knowledge in a wide field of subjects. Most of all he is a loving Grandfather who cares for me and wants the best for me. In this photo essay readers will get insight on life experiences and a fraction of the extensive knowledge that my Grandpa has.


photo 1

My Grandpa enjoys music a lot. He learned to play the piano when he was little. He is very religious and he enjoys playing while singing religious songs. In his free time he practices some of the songs he knew from when he was little. Sometimes, my grandpa and I sit down “jam” together. We both teach each other new songs and laugh when we cannot play them.

Tool Box

photo 3

My Grandpa is very good at fixing things. He always fixes things around the house and helps my mom with building structures in the backyard. My Grandpa grew up in India and did not have a lot of money. He had to learn to fix and reuse what was available. This helped him learn how to reuse things around the house and be able to repair things using cheaper and easier alternatives.


photo 2

My Grandpa owns a very old bike. He has never owned a car or a motorcycle. When he was younger he had to ride his bike on unpaved roads for miles in order to get to school everyday. He learned to take care of what he has and continued to use his bike in order to go to the store to buy groceries or run errands. He has taught me that I shouldn’t take things like a car or bus for granted and to take care of what I have.


photo 4

My Grandpa is very good at gardening. He has lots of tips on how to to take care of plants. Since he didn’t have much when growing up he couldn’t buy fertilizer or any of the equipment. This helped him learn to take care of plants without these things which made him a even better gardener. Using his skill of building and fixing he is able to build raised beds, fences, and supports for the plants.

Indian Flag


My Grandpa was born in India. He is very fond of India and considers it the best country. He loves India’s cricket team and follows cricket very closely. He works in one of the courts in India and helps resolve problems in order to improve his country. Even though he is with his family in the U.S. he still misses India very much.

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