Pictures of My Cat

       Meranow/ Bob is my teenager cat, the joy of  life , and always been by my side. Even though, he is hated by the rest of my family. He can be a cuddle bug when he wants too. he’s one of the major influences in my life and oddly teaches me things everyday.Sometimes, I swear he’s smarter than me. Without being accompanied by him I would not by the person I am today.


            One of Bob’s habits or personality traits is that he can be a little stubborn at times. Like when I tried to call him and he just looked away or when he sits in the middle of the street waiting for our car because we wouldn’t let him go with us.

A Picture of Me

                 According to alot of people , they say Bob and me have a mass of similarities like we both like to sleep at the same time and we like the same music. Also Bob and me favorite food is Taco Bell and we both like crab legs and Flaming Hot Fries.

A Picture of Sensation  

             Even through, Bob hates my other pet, Sensation, I think they are like twins. Both like disturbing the peace with playing and they both hate when I eat table food in front of them.Also, they both are hated by the other pets in my house. The only difference they have is that Sensation likes to bite which makes Bob not like him.

Ninja Turtles

               To me Bob is  an awkward ninja, he isn’t as slick as other cats. He never jumps on the couch correctly and he is a klutz. Although, Bob is clumsy he can be unpredictable at times like when he hides in plastic bags to scratch us and when he jumps from behind corners to attack me.

Speedy Gonzales

Speedy Gonzales


               Lastly, Bob is speedy and uses cat reactions to avoid situations like when I called him he looked at me strangely and ran fast. He doesn’t like strangers either he just runs from them and never get close to them. Like  me , he likes Mexican food and  has to pay a price.








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