Pictures of My TeeTee Tommie

My TeeTee Tommie is a wife, mother, and sister. She is like another mother to me. My TeeTee is there whenever I need something. She is funny, outgoing, and lovable. She is a Medical Assistant at an OBGYN Office for SSM in St. Louis. She supports breast cancer as if she actually has it, but she is just a fan of the movement. She loves the color pink. Currently, she is another role model who I love to pieces.

Kevin Baker Jr

Kevin Baker Jr. My TeeTee Tommie's son

Kevin Baker Jr. My TeeTee Tommie’s son

Kevin is my TeeTee’s only child. She had Kevin 18 years ago. They have the closest bond ever. It is unbreakable. They are like Dora and Boots, you won’t see one without the other. Kevin left for college this year so she hasen’t seen him in a while, but they still have a great mother and son relationship.

Max Baker

Max, My TeeTee Tommie's Dog

Max, My TeeTee Tommie’s Dog

Max is My TeeTee Tommie’s Dog. She has had Max for Over 8 years. Max is like another child to her. She treats Max like a human. He has dog clothes, snow boots, and fur coats. Max is a friendly, lovable dog. If something ever happens to Max, My TeeTee will be really sad.

OBGYN for SSM St. Louis

OBGYN at SSM St. Louis

SSM St. Louis

My TeeTee Tommie has been working in the Medical field for over 10 years. She says she loves what she does. She is making her mark in the world. My TeeTee Tommie has been with SSM St.Louis for aproximily one year. Previously, she worked for Dr. A.J. Pile doing the same kind of work she currently does.

Breast Cancer Ugg Boots

Breast Cancer Ugg Boots

Breast Cancer Ugg Boots

My TeeTee Tommie loves breast cancer. She is a big supporter of the movement. She owns everything that has the breast cancer logo including Breast Cancer Ugg Boots. She bought them about 2 weeks ago from The Walking Company in The St. Louis Galleria.

Dooney & Bourke Collection

Dooney & Bourke purse and phone cases

Dooney & Bourke purse and phone cases

These are some of my TeeTee Tommie’s Dooney & Bourke items. This is not even 1/4th of her Dooney items. She has collected so many Dooney & Bourke products over the years.This purse was a just because gift from her husband and son. She doesn’t carry this bag often, but when she does, she gets so many complements.

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