Pictures of My Mother

The most important person in my life is my mother and I chose her as the subject for this project.   Without her I wouldn’t be who I am today.  She inspires me to do great things, she’s my role model and she’s also my twin.  Among her friends and family she is a fashionista with great style and class.   She is a make up artist who loves to enhance a persons beauty.  Other than her being stylish and trendy she’s a phenominal woman and I’m grateful for her.  Now I’d like to tell you a little more about her.

Nail Polish

My Mom's Nail Polish Addiction

My Mom’s Nail Polish Addiction

My Mother loves polishing her nails. She has a variety of colors and changes her polish often to match her mood or clothes for the day.   Her favorite brand of nail polish is O.P.I. and Sinful.  She likes Sinful because she says “it smells very good and O.P.I. has all the bright colors.”  My mom’s motto is “a girl can never have too much of what she loves!”


My Mom Loves Traveling

My Mom Loves Traveling

My Mom loves traveling and experiencing new things.  So far she has traveled to Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Chicago, Tennessee, Miami, Las Vegas, Germany, Texas, Hawaii, St. Thomas, St.Maarten, and many more places. She plans on taking more trips next summer and taking me with her. She wants me to see the world with her and see the different cultures and traditions. She inspires me to experience new things and I also plan on saving my money and traveling the world after I’ve made my accomplishments.


My Mom's Collection of Makeup

My Mom’s Collection of Makeup

My Mom is currently a makeup artist. Her clients consist of family, friends, and co-workers.   My mom studied and researched her craft to become the best at what she does.  She schedules her clients on some evenings or weekends after her primary job.  She loves enhancing others beauty by adding her touch of shade.


My Mom's Favorite Fall Magazine

My Mom’s Favorite Fall Magazine

My mom loves reading magazines so she can get ideas about the latest outfits, hairstyles and makeup. The few of the magazines she subscribes to are In Style, Essence, and Vogue. These magazines also give you tips about your diet, love life, and etc.. I also like to read magazines about teenage celebrities and about their life just to compare how my life and theirs is different.



Our Dog Lucky Duke Campbell

Our Dog Lucky Duke Campbell

This is Lucky which my mom prefers to as her other child. We first got lucky in February on my mother’s birthday. He is a full breed Shih-Tzu. Since he has gotten older he starts eat every and anything he see. My mom hates that he chews on her shoes and socks. We love him so much and he’s the most cutest and quiet dog ever.

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