Pictures of My Sister

My subject is my sister. She is like my other half if it wasnt for her I wouldn’t be here today. She is very important to me because she’s always there for me. This essay shows how my sister’s everyday life addictions inspired me to be who I am today. The readers will learn how its okay to be themselves.

My Sister’s Instagram

My Sisters Instagram

My sister has an addition of taking too many photos. She has every social network but Instagram is her favorite, because it made for pictures. She has been taking pictures ever since she could walk. At first I thought it was annoying because she just randomly took them, but then it rubbed off on me. Although I don’t take as many pictures as her, I take alot aswell. But recently her Instagram was hacked so she is starting over .

My Sister’s Diet

My Sisters favorite aisle

My Sister’s favorite aisle

My sister eats EVERYTHING. Yet she is so skinny, and gains no weight. For breakfast she usually has cake,  for lunch usually chips, and for dinner cake and chips, she might  even throw a little soda in there too. But don’t get me wrong she does eat other things like actually food, maybe not as often as junk food, but she dose eat it. My sister might eat a lot of junk food but shes very picky about what kind it is. She even has her own favorite aisle in the store.

My Sister’s Fashion Taste

my sister in one of her favorite outfits

my sister in one of her favorite outfits

My sister loves clothes. I strongly believe she thinks fashion is life, because she always has to look good no matter where she goes.Her closet wasn’t big enough for all her clothes so she took about 1/4 of everyone’s closet in there rooms. I could see why she loves fashion. First, my mother is a fashion freak as well. Second, she wants to be a model. Third, she her favorite celebrity has great fashion senses. She is like a collector when it comes to clothes.


My Sister’s School

this is villa

Villa Duchesne High School

My sister goes to Villa Duchesne High School.  She loves school, and participates in every activity she can. She’s been working on the ACT Prep, its preparing her the ACT. With all the college applications, essays, and interviews near,  she still manages to make time for her family and herself.

My Sister’s OrganizationMy sisters locker last year

My sister’s locker last year

My sister is a busy person. But she still manages to stay organized. I don’t know how she does it but she amazing when it comes to keeping something tighty. Strangely she not that organized when she looks for clothes she will pull everything out. Other than that my sister is very organized.

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