Narrative: An Important Event

In 2007 my family and I went to Orlando, Florida for a vacation . I was seven at the time and we were at the Universal Studios looking at sites. It was a crowded day  there was seas of families, Universal Studio graphic tees, and sweaty people. It was hot that day so I left my family to get some water from a water fountain ,since it was crowded I became lost. I was terrified  and became scared that I wouldn’t see my family. Luckily, they found me. this is important to me because I look back and understand  why my family at so secure about me all the time like when my mom and me was at Target and my mom asked  me to look for soap and if I didn’t come by in 5 minutes the Target intercom would say ” Taliah Livers to the front of the store ” or when my Auntie said the best way to find someone is the “Marco Polo” method which is simply saying Marco until you hear someone say Polo that you recognize. In conclusion, this is one of the important events in my life that have a clear meaning and answers questions about my family that I worry about. This protection the give me is a curse and gift.

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