Pictures of My Mother

When her name comes up in a conversation, some may refer to her as  sweet, caring, and innocent. While she may have all those traits, I would view her as bold, daring, and confident in everything she does. She is like a friend to me. She is funny, full of life, and that just makes me smile.  In this photo essay, readers will see a glimpse of this strong courageous figure, who in my eyes stands out above the rest, and who happens to be my mother.

1. Cases of Pico Pica

One of my mother's cherished Pico Pica bottles.

One of my mother’s cherished Pico Pica bottles.

My mother loves Pico Pica, a type of hot sauce that surprisingly can not be found in Missouri. Due to this problem, she ordered cases of the hot sauce to cope with her longing.  If she ever runs out of a bottle, she immediately goes for another, which is then finished within a weeks time. Of course, we ended up following in her footsteps. A bottle that was finished in a week, ends up being finished in three days.

2. White Sands

My mother's collection of white sand.

My mother’s collection of white sand.

On a buisness trip to New Mexico, my mother and father stopped at a location where mountains of white sand stood. The sight was extraordinary to my mother, and so she asked for a souvenir. My dad gladly agreed and listed off knick knacks they could get. On the other hand, my mother had different ideas on the type of souvenir.  She gathered approximately twenty five pounds of white sand and took it with her to Los Angeles. After twenty years, no one has opened the container full of sand, and my mother will probably keep it that way for a while. I’m sure that someday she might surprise us.

3. Representation

My mother's certificate for leading the Junior Division for the Republic Day Parade.

My mother’s certificate for leading the Junior Division for the Republic Day Parade.

My mother was always at the top of everything. She’s viewed as a leader, not only to me but to my family as well. When she was a teenager, she was chosen as the Ward of Command, for the National Republic Parade, where she led over 50 girls representing the different states of India.

4. Daredevil

My mothers parachute landing.

My mothers parachute landing.

My mother is a bit of a daredevil. She likes to take things to the extreme, either by jumping out of an air plane, zip lining, or riding on motorcycles. Out of all these events, the one that stood out to me was her airplane act.  It was years ago, my mother and father went on a trip and she decided to sign up for sky diving. My dad encouraged her, but stood by his own opinions. That day my mother jumped out of a perfectly good airplane, while my father was watching from below.  Even if she can’ t do all those things currently, she still has that same enthusiasm that I love.

5. Foods


Non perishable foods being stored.

Non perishable foods being stored.

This quirk of my mother’s, continues  to amaze me everyday. After she comes back from shopping, I see containers of foods that we normally eat but twice the size. In other words, we ended up having our pantry filled with her non perishable foods in large quantities. Surpriseingly, non of it goes to waste.

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