Pictures of My Niece

My adorable niece Lauryn is a handful. She is a weird and goofy baby. She can be very bad at times but still loving.  Lauryn is important to me because she brings me lots of joy when I see her.  She calls me either Minah or TT. She has different names for everybody. She also doesn’t like talking to strangers. It’s funny when catches a little attitude and roll her eyes, but I still love her. Lauryn is also very talkative, she is beginning to repeat everything she hears.


Lauryn's Toys

Lauryn’s Toys

My niece loves to play with her toys. She shows us all the different toys that she has.  She has so many toys it’s crazy. She also likes to talk on the phone. Lauryn likes playing with her cooking toys and play eating the food. She always call me when she wants me to see what she made. She likes for everyone to have a play date with her.


Juicy grapes.

Juicy grapes.

Grapes are her favorite fruit. She asks for them all the time.  She likes the way they taste. While eating the grapes she likes to make funny faces. She will go to the refrigerator and say grapes. If we don’t have any grapes we would have to go the store and pick some up.

Car Rides

Graco Comfort Sport Carseat - Jette


My goofy niece loves car rides. While we are in the car she likes to point out different objects. Every time she sees a car she yells car car! She also enjoys car rides when she is sleepy. She says “ride” when it time to go for a “field trip”. She tells everybody in the house LETS GO!!!! It is so funny because she rushes us but will still have toys all over the floor.



Lauryn’s cup is the most important thing at bed time.   She loves warm milk and will ask for it.  She hates when I take the cup from her. She will scream until I give it back.



Babies are basically her teddy bears. She doesn’t play when it comes to her babies. She goes to sleep with the baby and wakes up looking for it. She likes for us to be loving to her babies. She makes everybody give them hugs and kisses.



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