Pictures of My Best Friend

My subject is Zuzu. Zuzu is my best friend and she has been for ten years now. She is a girl unlike any other. Her interests include many different odd things like  drinking coffee, blogging 24/7, and doing makeup.

It’s not just Zuzu’s interests what make her unique. Her personality and ability to go from talking about something serious to cracking a hilarious joke. Zuzu also understands me like nobody else, which is one of the many reasons why we are friends.

In this photo essay, you will learn about the little details about Zuzu and why I love being able to call her my best friend.


Tardis Coffee Mug


The Tardis Coffee Mug was a gift from me to Zuzu for her last birthday. I gave it to her because she has an obsession with Doctor Who and drinking coffee. This object represents Zuzu perfectly. She drinks from it every morning because it not only symbolizes two things she loves, but it symbolizes our friendship.



If Zuzu isn’t watching Doctor Who, sleeping, drinking coffee, or at school, then she is blogging on her laptop. It may look like an ordinary laptop, but this portable computer isn’t so portable anymore. Zuzu has used it so much that the screen won’t stay upright by itself anymore, and it can’t ever be unplugged from the charger. This laptop has broken so many times, and every single time, it honestly hurts a piece of Zuzu’s heart.

Beyonce Pulse Perfume

Beyonce Pulse

To some people, perfume is just perfume. To Zuzu, perfume rules all other perfume if it is made by Beyonce. Beyonce is one of Zuzu and our groups idols that we love and almost worship. I remember the day she was freaking out about getting this normally expensive by our queen on sale. Now Zuzu wears it almost all the time, sporting the scent of our idol.

Equal Sticker


Zuzu is a firm supporter when it comes to gay rights. Her whole family is. Not only does she support it, but she is almost an expert on the topic. Zuzu is first in my group to know about legalization in different states. The sticker on her wall doesn’t just represent that, it represents Zuzu’s intelligent opinions and independence. The sticker shows how determined Zuzu is.

Makeup Table


Zuzu’s makeup table means a lot. She has a passion for doing makeup and is really good at it. This table is the place where Zuzu loves to be in her house. Not only is it special to her, its special to our friends too. This table is where we usually get ready before dances, parties, and any other social gatherings. Even though it’s always a mess, memories are always made while we all sit at Zuzu’s makeup table.





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