Narrative: An Important Event

          During 6th grade, when I was about 11 or 12, I was home schooled. It didn’t really bother me since I still had ties with friends but what did bother me was staying home. I felt like I was always at home and had no freedom to go where I wanted to. Especially since right across my house I had a really nice park with basketball hoops, tennis courts, volleyball, water park, running and biking trails, and so much more. All this didn’t make it any easier for me. The only time I would get to go to the park was when my parents went with me there which was about 3 times a month which made me feel like they thought I wasn’t responsible enough or couldn’t take care of myself which I believed I could. So I kept asking away for them to take me to the park every time my dad came back home which hardly ever happened although in his defense most of the time he came back really tired. Eventually, I thought I would cut down on the begging and just never spoke about it as much.

After maybe a month or two, I started overhearing discussions between my parents about whether they should let us go to the park ourselves. Of course I was excited but I chose to stay put and see how it would go. About a week later, my dad gave me the news that we were allowed to go to the park ourselves but only when my mom said we could. This got me ecstatic and opened the doors for me to be able to go outside a lot more rather than staying home on the computer. This was important to me because it marked the point where I felt I had responsibilities and that I was trusted. I still love to go to the park to run, bike, or even play a pickup game against strangers.

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