Narrative: An Important Event

An important event that occurred in my life was last year,winning the volleyball championship. I was 13 years old when this occurred. The event took place at Vashon High School. I was with my family, team mates and coaches. This day was important to me because I helped my team be undefeated, 10-0. It was a pressuring day. I was so nervous. It began early in the morning and didn’t end until late afternoon. We had to play 3 different teams to get to the finals. We had four games total. My serves gained us a lot of points. When it came to the last game I was so scared. So much was going on. I encouraged my team to just give their all and not give up. I had a few mess ups but after a couple I got it together. It came down to the last two points. I was serving some good serves. On my last serve the ball came over and my team mate made the winning score and we were so excited. I cried because it was just a great moment of my life. My first championship with the Compton Drew Lady Dolphins. From this event I learned team work is the best work.

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