How To: Create a Post

In steps 1-3 we learned how to log into and edit our user profile. After you’ve completed those steps it’s time to create a post.

In this step we will:

  1. Create a post
  2. Title the post
  3. Write the post
  4. Assign the post to the appropriate categories
  5. Publish the post


This process requires that you pay close attention to the steps. Please, take your time as you go through these steps.

1. Create a post

  1. Log into (see Step 1: Log Into for help).
  2. Click the Posts link in the left hand menu bar
  3. Click the [Add New] button or the Add New menu link

    Log into and create a post.

2. Title the post

  1. The title of your post goes in the “Enter Post Title Here” box

    Title your post as directed in the assignment.

The title of your post will be provided to you in the assignment. Please, refer to the assignment instructions regarding titling your post.

3. Write the post

  1. The content of your post goes in the content editor window

    Write the content of your post in the edit content field

4. Assign the post to the appropriate categories

Categories are used to depict your post within menus and archives. It is essential that you select the correct categories for your post. Please refer to your assignment instructions for instructions on which categories you should choose.

  1. Click the appropriate check boxes for your assignment (see assignment for guidance)


    Be sure to select the appropriate parent and child (sub) category.

Note: The child or sub-categories refer to your period number.

5. Publish your post

  1. Click the [Publish] button to publish your post

    Don’t forget to publish or save your post

You can use the [Preview] button to preview the post before you publish it. You can also use the [Save Draft] button to save your work and come back to it later.

You can always edit a post after it’s published, but it’s a good rule to make sure it’s as good as possible before hitting the [Publish] button.

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