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My Animal Farm

Introduction Kevin has taken over the entire neighborhood. Children can’t play in parks and dogs can’t pee in yards. This neighborhood is going to be a disaster! Children need to be free to play in the local park, and parents shouldn’t have to take the children to another neighborhood to play in a park. Kevin’s […]

My Animal Farm

INTRODUCTION My Animal Farm takes place in modern day London, England. London is a city with two types of people: the educated and the uneducated.  This is similar to the upper class and the poor. The uneducated people want to prove the educated people that they can also learn. Unfortunately, the Queen wants to banish […]

Romeo and Juliet – My Treatment of Scenes 3.4 and 4.3

SETTING The setting for my treatment takes place in Mr. Clements’ stomach. Mr. Clements’ stomach is also known as Clementsville. The residents of Clementsville, also known as bacteria, are all above the poverty level. Clementsville is known to be filled with the assortment of apples, carrots, nuts, and the occasional Philly Steak Cheese Pizza slice. […]