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My Own Animal Farm

Introduction My Animal Farm will be on the west side of St. Louis, MO. Its going to be about a man named Jorge who is trying to takeover the whole west side of St.Louis. He is planning on taking over with drugs and money. Everyone is scared of him and his workers. Police officers tried […]

Setting The setting for my treatment takes place in Kuwait City in Kuwait. Everyone over there are not strict so they don’t mind what you do. Most of them are taxi drivers. Time Period My time period is Modern day  House of Capulets The Capulets are a rich family. They Live in a very beautiful […]

My Romeo and Juliet- My Treatment of Scenes 2.2 and 2.5

Setting My setting is in  Brooklyn, New York between Staten Island and Queens. Brooklyn is divided into 4 parts: Westside, Eastside, Northside, and Southside. My Setting is set between the South and Northside. Time Period The late 1980′s. House of Capulets The Capulets are the Mob Family from the Northside. The sell and do drugs, rob people, drive […]